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Matty Fontana Bio

Photo by Richard Corman

Matty Fontana

Street Artist

Los Angeles, CA
Matty Fontana is an artist originally from South Boston Massachusetts based in Los Angeles California. Since he was a kid, he has been a huge fan of the Peanuts Cartoons and comics. His inspiration for most of his paintings is Charlie Brown, created by Charles M. Schultz.  Charlie Brown was the quintessential "underdog".  Despite frequent abuse by his classmates, Charlie Brown had endless determination and hope.  Matty believes that when someone is being picked on they have a choice to make.  They can take it, internalize it, and believe the negativity.  Or they can believe in themselves.  "If you play the victim, you will be the victim.  I paint for my brother and all the underdogs out there who need a little push to see that they are enough."  Matty is currently showing at various LA galleries and is prolific in the streets.
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