Welcome to the Artist Series

We have gathered some of the world’s most accomplished artists to design a collection that we can print on most phone cases and accessories.
Art is a form of self-expression, and we believe that you should express yourself everywhere you go.

The designs

The Street Art Collection

Today, street art provokes thought and is how many artists of all different backgrounds, experiences and styles come together to create. Our artists took the time to translate their bold vision onto a protective case for your device.

The Fine Art Collection

It’s all in the details.

What makes this collection unique is that you can interpret each piece and create your own story. Our artists experiment with various visual textures to create unique, thought-provoking designs for your phone and accessories.

The Ink Art Collection

Personalization doesn’t have to be permanent.

The Ink Art collection celebrates the history behind tattoos. What was once considered deviant is now an incredible form of self-expression. Our artists switched from a human canvas to the world of technology to express their artwork universally.